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Class: ZEUS for PHP
Manage the execution of multiple parallel tasks
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ZEUS for PHP is an event-driven, preemptive _Multitasking Runtime Environment_ and _Service Management System_ integrated with Zend Framework 3. It's main purpose is to perform multiple tasks (processes) concurrently.

To guarantee true parallelism and resource isolation ZEUS employs preemptive schedulers and an Inter-Process Communication mechanism to allow its processes to share the data.

*ZEUS for PHP is not a standalone service, in order to use it, it must be installed as a module on-top of any Zend Framework application!.*

It's designed to be compliant with any ZF3 application such as Apigility or ZendSkeletonApplication. Custom applications must provide index.php file such as this which instantiates the Zend Framework MVC Zend\Mvc\Application class.


  • Preemptive schedulers allowing to run multiple services asynchronously
  • Built-in IPC server with various IPC Adapters suitable for different Operating Systems or usage characteristics
  • Server service manager allowing to start, stop and track the status of ZEUS server services
  • Well defined, extensive Server Service life-cycle based on Zend Framework `EventManager` functionality and events such as `SchedulerEvent` and `ManagerEvent`
  • Possibility to write your own asynchronous Server Services by using just few lines of boilerplate code
  • Advanced status reporting tools tracking the life-cycle and usage statistics of each service and its processes
  • Deep integration with Zend Framework 3+ and its services such as `EventManager` and `ServiceManager`
  • Plugin support allowing to extend functionality of ZEUS Schedulers and Server Services
  • Attachable, event-driven Server Services, Processes and Schedulers, allowing to react on and alter each step of their life-cycle
  • Customizable, user friendly Logger functionality based on and compatible with Zend Framework 3 `Logger` module
  • Easy configuration and customization of ZEUS components provided by Zend Framework 3 `Config` module
  • Built-in `async()` controller plugin and the Async Server Service which allow to run multiple anonymous function/closures asynchronously
  • Self hosted - ZEUS comes equipped with its own, high-speed HTTP Server Service implementation supporting HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 protocols, keep-alive connections and a deflate compression
  • Can be integrated with any Zend Framework 3 Application with just few commands issued in a terminal
  • Compatible with Zend Framework `MVC` module, enabling ZEUS to dispatch HTTP requests both for static files as well as any Zend Framework Application controller
  • Equipped with its own, customizable Memcached Server Service that is integrated with Zend Framework 3 `Cache` module, allowing to use any of its `Cache` adapters as a Memcached key storage
  • Compatible with any UNIX/Linux/BSD platform
  • Well documented and unit tested (with at least 90% code coverage)
  • Stress tested, shipped with its own benchmark tests
  • Compatible with and tested against PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 and HHVM