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Translate text in PHP code to different languages
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PHP-DS is very simple. You can learn it completely in 16 steps :) :


What is PHP-DS?

A completely different i18n experience! * Briefly

You code a class with PHP, and you want your class to be able to translate to multiple languages. As you know, the arrangements made within the file are very troublesome. PHP "PHP-DS", with a different method, allows your classes to have an infrastructure that can support multiple languages.

  • Longish

As you know, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is already developing a technology by entering our life. The boundaries of OOP are mechul, but the usage is beyond standard. With the same style of coding, we work for different purposes.

Free software, freely reachable We've designed the PHP-DS to make it easy for a class with a large target mass to quickly and easily reach its mass, adapt to its mass. As we can understand, we are not trying to avoid the standard, but we aim to reach them quickly.

We aimed to develop methods that have more than one use of humans. for example, file_upload :: file ($ file) for an upload class; Take a use in the form of. This class owner can create language files using PHP-DS and can use different methods for each language. that is, a method can have more than one use. when writing a code above in an English language using this class, when a Turk uses the same class file_upload :: file ($ file); code. Also, an English "Warning: file type is not supported!" a Turk using the same class "Attention: the file type is not supported." a German, "Vorsicht: dateityp wird nicht unterstützt." you can get the same output as.

  • Maybe

People would still be keeping a more accountable book. a software like excell has provided language support and even the people in the very large age group have become interactive and have incorporated them.

  • On the interface

What is the interface? The concept of an interface is not limited to graphical interfaces. Although graphical interfaces make the end user's work easier, it is inadequate for "intermediate" members which is a new concept today. Araelemenlar, one of the users who like the end users who use the program one click above; a class that is one click away from code generators. Araelemenlar uses the code producers' products to address the end user. Wordpress is a code generator. One person who uses WordPress methods when preparing a template for Wordpress is Araeleman. At this point, the code generators are separate from the graphical interfaces for the intermediate members, so that their products are more demanding; we need an interface development. With its interfaces, it can reach intermediate members from all walks of life, and ultimately reach the end user.