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Class: PHP Text Comparison
Compare two texts to find similar sentences
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Author: Riccardo Castagna MBA, Php developer


comparison analysis between two texts

  • This php class is useful to compare two different texts in the hypothesis that the two source texts have a good spelling and a correct punctuation. After all, if a text did not have a correct end punctuation it would be incomprehensible. In the next future, I will add some functions to check that the source texts have correct end punctuation, because, at the moment, there is no check about this issue. It finds similar sentences and returns the percentages, these percentages are the measures of how much the sentences are similar with each others.
  • Possible applications and uses could be in the field of journalism, for example, to find the similar articles. In the cases of plagiarism, for investigations of various kinds when it is necessary to analyze and compare texts with each other. I think also could be useful in the field of politics, psychology, school education, e-learning, for publishing company, publishing house and writer.
  • CLASS SIMPLE USAGE example file index.php: include_once('./lib/class.comparetext.php'); $ref = new TextCompare; $f = $ref->compareText($text_1, $text_2, 60, TRUE); return $f; 1) param 1 is a source text to compare 2) param 2 is the second source text to compare 3) param 3 is an integer from 0 to 100; if it is set to 0 it will return all sentences with all percentages of similarity. if it is set to 100 it will return only the sentences that are exactly the same. A good set up could be around 60 and it will return all sentences whose similarity is greater than 60 %. 4) param 4 default is set to false, if it set to true it will convert the two text in lowercase and will remove all special charset
  • CLASS PHP EXPERT USAGE example file: index_2.php: include_once('./lib/class.comparetext.php'); $ref_2 = new TextCompare; $specialchars=true; $arr_1 = $ref_2->processText($text_1); $arr_2 = $ref_2->processText($text_2); foreach ($arr_1 as $key_1 => $value_1){ $nr1 = $key_1; if ($specialchars==true){ $val_1 = $ref_2->cleanText($value_1); }else{ $val_1 = $value_1; } foreach ($arr_2 as $key_2 => $value_2){ $nr2 = $key_2; if ($specialchars==true){ $val_2 = $ref_2->cleanText($value_2);} else{$val_2 = $value_2;} $index = $ref_2->correlationText($val_1,$val_2); if ($index >= 60){ $q = number_format($index, 2, ',', '.').'%'; echo 'sentence of text 1 n '.$nr1.':<br>'.$val_1.' ;<br>compared with sentence of text 2 n '.$nr2.':<br>'.$val_2.' ;<br>are similar with each other for the: '.$q;