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Search for data taking common words typed by users
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Simple Free Text Property Search


Free Text Search Engine for the Irish Estate Properties using the API.

The Engine translates what the user are looking for and transforms the input string into a string requests and then will send that request to the API.

The script also offers the voice speech recognition thanks HTML5 & JavaScript speech-input.

In this script, I use:

  • PSR0 to PSR4 coding standards
  • Formatted/documented code
  • DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle
  • OOP code (including PHP Interfaces & Traits (PHP 5.4 specification)
  • spl_autoload_register (which is very useful with PHP namespaces)
  • View/Controller pattern
  • Singleton pattern (even if not necessary...)
  • PHP alternative syntax for the template (which makes the visibility easier)
  • Class member access on instantiation (PHP >= 5.4)
  • Short Array syntax (PHP >= 5.4)
  • Using SOAPClient

Search Query Examples

  • 2 or 3 bed to rent between 1000 and 2000
  • 3 bedrooms to buy in Dublin
  • 2 or 3 beds apartment to rent in Cork around 400 and 600 euro
  • 4 bedroom house to let in Galway for 1000 around 900 and 14000 per month


  • Search Type (Rental/Sale)
  • Price (Min-Max)
  • Bedroom (Min-Max)
  • Property Types (house, apartment, site)
  • House Types (terraced, semi-detached, detached, end-of-terrace, townhouse)
  • Retrieve Areas from the API
  • Retrieve Counties from the API
  • Each search term has its own Class and is getting back by the "Parser" class and included by spl_autoload_register() SPL function
  • HTML5 speech-input search
  • Displayed the property results thanks to Daft's API

Other Coding Convention

In addition of using the PSR and PHP Pear, I use my own for the naming of the variables

Here are the variable prefixes: * a = Array * i = Integer * f = Float, Double * b = Boolean * s = String * o = Object * m = Mixed * r = Resource * c = 1 Character (I used only sometime that, as char is not a PHP valid type)

Following the "letter type lower case, the variable name is in UpperCamelCase (e.g., $aMyVariable)

Server Requirements of the Web App

Application Server PHP 5.4.0 or higher.

PHP Extension SOAPClient

Other Requirements

About Me

I'm Pierre-Henry Soria, IT developer and passionate about e-businesses and marketing.

Where to contact me?

You can by email at pierrehenrysoria [[AT]] gmail [[D0T]] com


The script is under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license or later; See the LICENSE.txt file.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.