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File: docs/changelog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Documentation
Class: XOOPS Publisher Module
Publish static HTML content and article with XOOPS
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Date: 3 years ago
Size: 14,491 bytes


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<h5>1.07 Final       [2019-06-08]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.10, PHP 7.3.6
- Unnecessary closures (mamba)
- fix: delete $publisherIsAdmin check (mamba)

<h5>1.07 RC2       [2019-06-08]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.10, PHP 7.3.6
- reverted in_array() true check (mamba)
- added language folder for test data (mamba)
- added expiration date (goffy)
- added option to select sort/order in block spotlight (goffy)
- fixed bug in item_spot (goffy)
- fixed bug in saving item - saving without image was not possible (goffy)
- restructured templates for better readability (goffy)
- fixed bug in deleting category (goffy)
- detect whether article was truncated or not (goffy)
- implemented possibility to preselect image categories (goffy)
- added 'show more articles' to item_spot (goffy)
- fixed problem with multiple cat select in item_spot (goffy)
- added feedback tab (mamba)
- added migration tab for developers (mamba)
- fixed typo, issue #109 (cesagonchu/mamba)
- added preloads, issue #107 (liomj/mamba)
- added missing option[10] default, issue #10 (aerograf /mamba)
- added <script>javascript (mamba)
- $publisherIsAdmin consistency (mamba)
- fixed Future Post appeared in blocks, issue #91 (myblackrx/liomj/mamba)

<h5>1.07 RC1       [2019-02-09]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.10, PHP 7.2.8
- added Resizer class for image upload (goffy)
- added check for cloned repository existence on GitHub (goffy/mamba)
- fixed block selection bug (liomj/mamba)
- fixed block "between dates" bug (aerograf/mamba)

<h5>1.07 Beta 1       [NOT RELEASED]</h5> Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.3.1
- fix missing /admin folder (SMEDrieben/mamba)
- add fpm-fcgi for htaccess (alfredsx)
- fix rss feed  (alfredsx)
- fixed bug in import plugin for news modules (ggoffy)
- fixed bug image upload was not working  (ggoffy)
- Optimize images (mamba)
- Dependency Injection (mamba)
- added ModuleStats Trait (mamba)

<h5>1.06 Final       [2018-08-01]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.2.8
- cosmetics (mamba)
- reversing to old way of checking editors (mamba)
- fix installation error (mamba)

<h5>1.06 RC 1       [2018-07-15]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.2.7
- fix countable in install (mamba)
- improved FilesManagement (mamba)
- fix Configurator (mamba)
- css shortcuts (mamba)
- added blocks admin (mamba)
- include to require (mamba)
- other cosmetics (mamba)

<h5>1.06 Beta 4       [2018-05-07]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.2.5
- fixed notifications bug (mamba)
- added responsive image (mamba)

<h5>1.06 Beta 3       [2018-03-15]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.2.3
- added Constants (mamba)
- added truncateHTML (mamba)
- replaced truncateTagSafe with truncateHTML (mamba)

<h5>1.06 Beta 2       [2017-12-09]</h5>  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.2.1
- addded missing common traits (goffy/mamba)
- fix for page styling in categories (liomj/mamba)

<h5>1.06 Beta 1       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- namespaces (mamba)
- work in progress

<h5>1.05 FINAL       [2017-11-22]</h5>

<h5>1.05 RC 4       [2017-11-15]</h5>
- fix breadcrumb for subcategories (bleekk)
- change checkVerXoops(mamba)
- fix confurator link (zyspec)
- fix fmContent (zyspec)
- fix archive (zyspec)

<h5>1.05 RC 3       [2017-11-10]</h5>
- fix bug in item class using $publisher helper (mydarkglobe/mamba)
- added getDirname() to helper class (mamba)
- replace $xoopsModule->getVar('dirname', 'n') with helper publisher->getDirname() (mamba)
- changed to RuntimeException() (mamba)

<h5>1.05 RC 2       [2017-09-08]</h5>
- update Help, .html to .tpl (mamba)
- conversion of Publisher helper class to XMF (mamba)
- short array syntax (mamba)
- converted to Yoda syntax (mamba)
- added button for Sample data (mamba)

<h5>1.05 RC 1       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- fixed Pagination issues (geekwright)
- check nonce and file path (geekwright)
- escape search string (geekwright)
- min XOOPS version: 2.5.9 (geekwright)
- added ModuleConfigurator class (mamba)
- updated disclaimer.html (mamba)
- cosmetics (mamba)
- commented out "img-responsive" to all images in index.php and item.php (mamba) (it was a temporary fix for Bootstrap)
- fixed issue #61: Other articles in this category not working (liomj/mamba)
- fixed 'element' to $element  (geekwright)

<h5>1.05 Beta 1       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- PSR-2 code cosmetics (mamba)
- addNavigation(basename(__FILE__))  (mamba)
- dirname(__FILE__) to __DIR__ (mamba)
- XOOPS 2.5.8, PHP 7 (mamba)
- replaced < b /> with < b > (mamba)
- Unnecessary double quotes (mamba)
- reference mismatch (mamba)
- Hardening to type safe (mamba)
- update Help (mamba)
- changed _handler to Handler (mamba)
- removed '/' from void HTML elements (&lt;br&gt;, &lt;img&gt;, etc) (mamba)
- HTML 5: removed 'selected' and 'checked' (mamba)
- short array syntax (mamba)
- added install checks for PHP 5.5 and XOOPS 2.5.9 (mamba)
- added auto-creation of upload folders (mamba)
- changed static call to XoopsLocal::number_format to dynamic (mamba)
- added bold to column headers in publisher_author_items.tpl (mamba)
- fixed cloning of module image (masel/mamba)
- moved functions to Utility class (mamba)
- changed to use XoopsFormSelectUser (geekwright/mamba)
- started conversion to XMF (mamba)
- move jquery and popeye to template due to conflicts when overriding in theme (geekwright)
- switch to a color neutral skin for popeye (geekwright)
- eliminate line feed at EOF  (geekwright)
- different bugs (bleekk)
- changed min_db to 5.5 (mamba)
- changed 'include_once' to 'require_once' (mamba)

<h5>1.04 FINAL       [2015-10-21]</h5>
- added XoopsLocal::number_format for rating in author_items.php (mamba)
- added _SHORTDATESTRING to use for date formatting in author_items.php (mamba)
- added "img-responsive" to all images in index.php and item.php (mamba) (temporary fix for Bootstrap)
- cosmetics in publisher_author_items.tpl (mamba)

<h5>1.04 RC 2       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- change TEXT fields to allow NULL, needed for import in "strict" mode (mamba)
- changed min_db to 5.5 (mamba)
- changed "emptyString" function in metagen.php to static to allow a callback from a static "generateSeoTitle" (mamba)
- replaced "preg_replace" with "str_replace" in metagen.php (mamba)
- updated import from News 1.71 (mamba)

<h5>1.04 RC 1       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- fix bug when date change by user is not allowed (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fix case when TCPDF is not available, incl. warning in Admin (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fix for HTML in Category description (mage)
- HTML5 syntax (geekwright/mamba)
- TCPDF line breaks fix (smedrieben/geekwright)
- removed JavaScript for PDF Icon (mamba)
- onupdate remove all .html templates from DB (mamba)

<h5>1.03 FINAL       (2015-07-10)</h5>
- Fix preg_replace /e ( (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fixed link to PHP Date info (cesagonchu/mamba)

<h5>1.03 RC 2       (2016-07-09)</h5>
- fixed New/Recent blocks not visible if only 1 article (cesagonchu/bleekk)
- fixed Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in profile/userinfo.php?uid=1 if user has no articles (cesagonchu/mamba)
- moved Clone icon to the right side (mamba)

<h5>1.03 RC 1       (2016-07-07)</h5>
- fixed Undefined offset: 0 in file /modules/publisher/class/file.php (bleekk/mamba)
- fixed Recent Articles List Block (bleekk/mamba)
- fixed Recent Articles Details Block (mamba)
- changed: if selected "Display block summary on articles page", both Summary & Body are displayed (bleekk/mamba)

<h5>1.03 Beta 4       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- fixed bug in Latest news block (mamba)
- added copy blank.png in index.php (mamba)

<h5>1.03 Beta 3       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- removed @version (mamba)
- standardization on addNavigation(basename(__FILE__) (mamba)
- standardize HTML $lt;br&gt; tags
- replaced fputs with fwrite (mamba)
- code cosmetics (mamba)
- temp fix in /item.php (mamba)
- replaced self:: with $this-> in /class/item.php (mamba)
- removed references to objects (mamba)
- standardized getInstance (mamba)
- performance: (substr($color, 0, 1) !== '#') to (0 !== strpos($color, '#')) (mamba)
- renamed logo.png to logo_module.png (mamba)
- clean up clone (geekwright)
- revert several template variable changes to work better with override templates (geekwright)
- revert moduleUrl template variable to publisher_url to better support cloning (geekwright)
- remove pass-by-ref for non-vars (zyspec)

<h5>1.03 Beta 2       (2016-03-20)</h5>
- fixed: bugs on submit (mamba)
- replaced XoopsFormTag with TagFormTag (mamba)
- adjusted TCPDF location to /class/libraries/vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/ for Composer (mamba)

<h5>1.03 Beta 1       (2016-03-19)</h5>
- fixed: deleting item image (ggoffy)
- fixed: calling getSummary & getBody (bleekk)
- fixed: ->itemId (SMEDrieben/mamba)
- clean-up publisherStringToInt (geekwright)
- updates for PHP7, XOOPS 2.5.8 (mamba)

<h5>1.02 Final       (2016-01-05)</h5>
- fixed bug: wrong options in Latest News block (mamba)
- added "All" checkbox in Category for group permissions (mamba)
- fixes in clone.php (ggoffy)
- fix error when uploading category image (ggoffy)
- fix for creating upload folders for category images (ggoffy/mamba)
- fix for RSS problem with date (dante7237/mamba)
- fix for file deletes (mamba)
- adding link to on-line Tutorial (mamba)

<h5>1.02 RC4       [NOT RELEASED]</h5>
- fix issues with Popeye images (mamba)
- removed 500px hardcoded width for image preview in Admin, as it looks bad for small images (mamba)
- fixed bug: wrong flag for status after modification in frontend (Dante7237/mamba)

<h5>1.02 RC3       (2015-11-14)</h5>
- added sort by Rating, Hits, # of Votes and Comments (brutalicuss/mamba)
- added extra columns in Admin's Summary view (mamba)
- remove non-existent XoopsFormCalendar in blocks (mamba)
- replace XoopsLocal::formatTimestamp() with formatTimestamp() so we have User local time (mamba/geekwright)
- replaced hard-coded GMT date in FormDateTime with formatTimestamp (mamba) (TODO: do the same for XoopsFormDateTime)
- adjusted apostrophes to prevent the define translation errors (slider84)
- bug #6: Array to string conversion (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fixed bug: not able to delete category (Dante7237/mamba)
- fixed bug: cloning of article (mamba)

<h5>1.02 RC1       (2015-05-26)</h5>
- updated to XOOPS 2.5.7 version of jQuery UI Tabs (noo-b/mamba)
- replaced PublisherRequest with calls to XoopsRequest (mamba)
- redesigned archives section to have months horizontally (mjoel/Mithrandir/mamba)
- added count of articles in archive section (mamba)
- moved TCPDF library to /xoops_lib (mamba)
- updated makepdf.php file for the latest TCPDF (black_beard, mamba)
- replaced $i++ with ++$i for consistency/performance (mamba)
- started conversion to PSR-2 coding (mamba)
- moved constants to class interface (mamba, based on zyspec's work)
- updated TimThumbnail to 2.8.14 (mamba)
- added few missing English translations (mamba)
- replaced $_REQUEST with $_POST/$_GET and XoopsRequest in mimetypes.php (mamba)
- indicated required fields when adding new MIME types (mamba)
- centered mimetypes in the table (mamba)
- updated popeye.js to 2.1 (mamba)
- changed popeye mode to imagelist (mamba)
- replacing intval() with (int) (mamba)

- test with MySQL strict mode (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES)

<h5>1.02 Beta 2       (2014-xx-xx)</h5>
- added ID column in Admin's Category view (mamba)
- fixed preg_replace /e in request.php (mamba)
- added Views column in Admin's Articles view (mamba)
- ensured that short_url is under 255 characters (mamba)
- added import from C-Jay Content (mamba)
- added import from xNews (bleekk, mamba)
- moved all images, CSS, and JS files to /assets (mamba)
- renamed .html Smarty templates to .tpl (mamba)
- added Preference option for PDF icon (cifug/mamba)

<h5>1.01 Final (2013-10-22)</h5>
- fixed two templates (bleekk)

<h5>1.0 Final (2013-07-18)</h5>
- added missing URL for doc image in \blocks\items_spot.php

<h5>1.0 RC (2011-12-04)</h5>
- Converted to XOOPS 2.5.0 ModuleAdmin GUI

<h5>1.0 Beta (2010-04-02)</h5>
- Improved : Images sorted by Name in submit form (trabis)
- Added : Class for handling block forms (trabis)
- Fixed : Date to date block blank page (trabis)
- Fixed : Extra '-' in page title (trabis/mboyden)

<h5>1.0 Alpha (2009-08-24)</h5>
- Imported : smartsection Version 2.14 Final (trabis)
- Removed : dependecy from smartobject (trabis)
- Removed : unused files (trabis)
- Improved: renamed functions and clean code acording to XOOPS CODING STANDARDS (trabis)
- Added : xoops 2.3 compatibility (trabis)
- Added : missing index.html files in some folders (trabis)
- Added : text truncate option in spotlight block (trabis/Mowaffak)
- Changed : article submission for admins using submit.php (trabis/Mowaffak)
- Fixed : cannot show keyword in Japanese and multibyte language (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : keyword "abc" match "abccccc" (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : many Notice when "Disable comments" (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : missing argument when save file (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : undefined variable in admin's category (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : invalid argument when guest view (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : wrong style in print template file (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : parse error and Notice in print (ohwada/trabis)
- Fixed : enable "Print" and "PDF" (ohwada/trabis)
- Improved : Hide Read More link in spot block if no body and no truncate used (trabis/Mowaffak)
- Fixed : preview function was not working correctly (trabis)
- Improved : removed fpdf libray and added tcpdf library (trabis)
- Added : ajax rating (trabis)
- Added : XOOPS 2.3 editors and access permissions (trabis)
- Added : easy module cloning from admin area with auto logo generation (trabis/XOOPS French Team)
- Added : Second title (subtitle) for articles (Shiva)
- Fixed : english errors in language files (AEIOU)
- Added : module preferences separated by categories (trabis)
- Added : advanced search system (trabis/phppp)
- Added : Columns block (bandit-x/trabis)
- Added : Multi image support for articles, using core image manager (trabis)
- Improved : Added support for 'tellafriend' module from GIJOE instead of using mailto link (trabis/GIJOE)
- Added : Tabbed interface for submit pages (trabis)
- Added : Adding moderator per category (trabis)
- Added : Author alias (trabis)
- Added : Hide sub categories in main page only (Mowaffak)
- Added : Latest news block (trabis/bandit-x/Mowaffak)
- Added : Category selection block (trabis/Mowaffak)
- Added : Image manager / easy uploading (trabis)
- Fixed : Item name not available in comment notification (Phoenyx)
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