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File: fwphp/glomodul/blog/msgmkd/altervista001.txt
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Class: B12 PHP FW
Manage database records with a PDO CRUD interface
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Last change: ver 7.0.1 mnu, msg, mkd FUNCTIONAL namespaces, CRUD PDO trait, pretty URL-s
Date: 3 months ago
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Revised November 2019.

1\. Install Apache, PHP, Oracle DB 11g XE & 11g, Oracle Forms 6i and 12c & Reports on Win 10 (all 64bit)

### **[HOME]( "Main menu")   Downloads are now: [](**

26.oct.2019 I use 64 bit XAMPP: PHP 7.3.7 AND APACHE 2.4.38. on Windows 10 64 bit.**PDO: mysql, oci, sqlite ARE WORKING.**Oracle db 11gXE (no more E. Rangel pdooci ? pdo sintax on oci8 program layer)**.  

I tried 4-5 WAMP server SW. WAMP and ZWAMP are ok but XAMPP unzip is  simplest ? almost 1 click . WAMP has problem with composer installations from Windows command line. Next shows more details about ZWAMP (I do not use ZWAMP recently) :

1.  Unzip **** to J:\\zwamp64
2.  Rename old J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2 dir to Apache2\_2\_4\_16
3.  Download Apache : [](  
    Create dir J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2.  
    Unzip ****? it?s Apache24 folder content to :  
    **ServerRoot** J:/zwamp64/vdrive/.sys/Apache2 (or c:/Apache24 = ServerRoot) in httpd.conf  
    Default folder for your your webpages is DocumentRoot  
    **DocumentRoot** J:/zwamp64/vdrive/.sys/Apache2/htdocs  
    ScriptAlias ? also when you use extra folder config file(s) change to your location there
4.  No changes in J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2\_2\_4\_16\\conf\\extra
5.  changes in J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2\\conf :  
    copy here own httpd.conf ver 2.4.16 to conf dir (rename original before copying)  
    copy here own vhosts.conf ver 2.4.16 to conf dir
6.  J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2\\conf\\**httpd.conf** :  
    LoadModule php7\_module /.sys/php/php7apache2\_4.dll  
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php# without this OCI8 and PDO MySQL and PDO sqlite are not visible in inet browser  
    are visible in php CLI  
    PHPIniDir /.sys/php
7.  Download PHP:  [](**** same unzip as apache zip above.
8.  Downloadnewest oci8-2.1.1 Extension for php 7.0.8 64 bit on Windows 10 64 bit ? april 2016 (**older does not work**) :  
    OCI8 is also for E.Rangels PDOOCI.  
    [](  ? Windows dll-s   ? for Linux  
    r**eleased by**  
    Unzip it?s dll-s to: **J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\php\\ext**  
    Christopher Jones?s oci8-2.1.1 for php 7 :  
    **dir J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\php\\ext\\php\_oci\*.\*  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   155.136 php\_oci8.dll  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   790.528 php\_oci8.pdb ? WHAT IS THIS ?  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   157.184 php\_oci8\_11g.dll  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   790.528 php\_oci8\_11g.pdb  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   158.208 php\_oci8\_12c.dll  
    18.04.2016.  05:20   790.528 php\_oci8\_12c.pdb  
    7 File(s)      2.997.248 bytes
9.  J:\\zwamp64\\vdrive\\.sys\\php\\**php.ini**
10.  2click J:\\zwamp64\\zwamp.exe -> right click **house icon** -> restart  
    \-> started Apache and MySQL. **If not both started very useful is :**  
    ? this report errors, same as :  
    php -v  
    **PHP 7.0.8 (cli) (built: Jun 21 2016 15:15:15) ( ZTS )  
    Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The PHP Group  
    Zend Engine v3.0.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies**  
    php -r ?var\_dump(function\_exists(?oci\_connect?));?  
    **C:\\WINDOWS\\system32>php -r ?if (! $dbc = oci\_pconnect(?hr?, ?hr?, ?ora7?, ?UTF8?)) echo ?\*\*\*\*\* 1. UNSUCCESSFULL db connect \*\*\*\*\*?; else {echo \\?\\n\\?; echo ?~~~~~~~~~~~  PARSE-BIND-EXECUTE-FETCH ~~~~~~~~~~?; echo \\?\\n\\?; echo ?SUCCESSFULL db connect?; echo \\?\\n\\?;  $dml=?SELECT first\_name, phone\_number FROM (SELECT first\_name, phone\_number FROM employees ORDER BY first\_name) where rownum < 3?; echo $dml; echo \\?\\n\\?; $parse\_stid = oci\_parse($dbc, $dml);  if (!$parse\_stid) {   $m = oci\_error($conn);    echo ?skripta: ? . \_\_FILE\_\_ ;   echo? says neuspio oci\_parse : ? ;   echo $m\[?message?\]; }   $exec\_ret =  oci\_execute($parse\_stid);       echo ?oci\_execute returned: ?;     print\_r($exec\_ret);        echo \\?\\n\\?; echo ?oci\_fetch\_array returned: ?;  $row = oci\_fetch\_array($parse\_stid, OCI\_ASSOC + OCI\_RETURN\_NULLS); print\_r($row); }?WHICH DISPLAYS:~~~~~~~~~~~  PARSE-BIND-EXECUTE-FETCH ~~~~~~~~~~  
    SUCCESSFULL db connect  
    SELECT first\_name, phone\_number FROM (SELECT first\_name, phone\_number FROM employees ORDER BY first\_name) where rownum < 3  
    oci\_execute returned: 1  
    oci\_fetch\_array returned: Array  
    \[FIRST\_NAME\] => Adam  
    \[PHONE\_NUMBER\] => 650.123.2234  
11.  Not needed if we use ZWAMP :  
    Install Apache as a service:  
    httpd.exe -k install   httpd.exe -k restart, or stop  
    ApacheMonitor: (not needed if we use ZWAMP):  
    Double click ApacheMonitor.exe, or put it in your Startup folder.

28.11.2015 INSTALLATION APACHE 2.4.16 (Win64)  & PHP 7.0.0 RC5 MSVC14 (Visual C++ 2015) x64 ON J:\\zwamp\\vdrive\\.sys\\Apache2 (& ?\\php) OR ON C DISK

Install as a service (not needed if using XAMPP or ZWAMP or WAMP):  
**httpd.exe -k install  
httpd.exe -k  restart**  
**httpd.exe -k stop  **  
ApacheMonitor: Double click ApacheMonitor.exe, or put it in your Startup folder.

Use PGP Signature and/or the SHA Checksums to verify the integrity.  
C:\\gnuwin32\\bin\\sha1sum.exe -help  
sha1sum.exe -b J:\\0downl\\1\_instalirano\\Apache\ :  
Checksums created with GPGHash by SmartJuwel  
Creation date: 22.07.2015 with GnuPG Version: 1.4.18  
SHA1-Checksum for:  
or SHA224-Checksum or SHA256-Checksum or SHA384-Checksum

php[]( Apache on Windows: Thread Safe

I did not used **Instant Client** :  
Oracle Database drivers for popular languages and environments including Node.js, Python and PHP can use Instant Client to connect to local or remote DBs. :  
1\. Download 64 or 32-bit Oracle Instant Client ? there is no **MSVC14 **build 6.8.2015  
2\. put it somewhere useful (I put it under my php directory)  
3\. Add it to your system?s PATH. (A quick & dirty fix on Windows is to copy  
all of the \*.dll files   from the 11g InstantClient package\* into same dir  
as your webserver?s executable (e.g. httpd.exe).)  
4\. Edit your php.ini and uncomment extension=php\_oci8\_11g.dll

I did not 1. to 4. above !

Stories on WEB that excellent (but never finished and abandoned) old 32 bit F6i, R6i SW and new Windows do not work together are not true. See also ? they managed same as I (good site, could give more details):  
[Installing Oracle Developer (forms & reports 6i) on Windows 7 64bit](  
[Oracle Developer 6i & Oracle database 11g R2 (](  
Great question to Oracle who says ?we do not leave our customers who still use F6i & R6i? ? but F6i & R6i can not even be downloaded from Oracle:  
Why 32 bit F6i & R6i can not be patched to be **certificated** on 64 bit 11g and 64 bit Windows ? Oracle Power Objects (SW simmilar to F6i & R6i ) is also abandoned SW.  
Today is modern to make new SW, worse than old (nobody begins new project with F11 & R11 ? they are rather applications than development SW) and forget poor bastards who bought abandoned SW. So they cut their expenses (and our lifes). Simmilar stories are Microsoft ASP-VS2008-Silverlight, Google AngularJS 1.x ? 2.x, over 100 development SW around?  
Incompetent managers and trade departments cut our lifes, but they should know that life is not child joke.


Use Apache builds provided by [Apache Lounge]( PHP official site use their binaries to build Apache SAPIs.

VC9 builds require you to have the _Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1_ [x86]( or [x64]( installed.  
VC11 builds require to have the _Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012_  [x86 or x64]( installed. and so on

**PECL FOR WINDOWS:**[PECL extensions]( for Windows is being worked on. Windows DLL can be downloaded right from the[PECL website](  
PECL extension [release]( and[ snapshot]( build directories are browsable directly.

**Not needed for 64 bit Apache, PHP, 11XE all three on home PC.**.  
Download from []( (64,939,911 bytes) (cksum ? 3658834848)  
extract to:  C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\instantclient\_12\_1  
and set it on Win PATH variable + H:\\Apache24\\bin,  
(NO:    THERE ARE MORE PHP INSTALLATIONS  (only 1 Apache):    + H:\\php)

C:\\Apache24\\bin>echo %SystemRoot%  
outputs: C:\\Windows


extension=php\_oci8\_11g.dll (remove the ?;? from the start of the line)

Restart Apache (XAMPP or WAMP server)

Open  file to see database name as  
// D:\\app\\Farhan\\product\\11.2.0\\dbhome\_1\\NETWORK\\ADMIN\\tnsnames.ora

(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521))

(SID = CLRExtProc)  

ORCL =  
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521))  
(SERVICE\_NAME = orcl.168.1.2)  

Service name is ?orcl.168.1.2?,  my is: XE :

XE =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = sspc)(PORT = 1521))
      (SERVICE\_NAME = XE)
ora7 =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = sspc)(PORT = 1521))
      (SERVICE\_NAME = XE)
      (SID = PLSExtProc)

      (SID = CLRExtProc)

See [\_examples/index.php](  
for  httpd.conf, vhosts.conf, C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\etc\\hosts, php.ini

 kod[ edit]($web_docroot_url/inc/utl/edservertxt.php)[ phpinfo]($web_docroot_url/phpinfo_inc.php) EOKOD; /\* call it so: kod\_edit\_run( $idx // script\_dir\_path , $idxscript // script\_name , MDURL); // web\_docroot\_url = (Apache) web server URL \*/ }
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.