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File: fwphp/glomodul/z_examples/clean_code.php
Role: Auxiliary script
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Description: Auxiliary script
Class: B12 PHP FW
Manage database records with a PDO CRUD interface
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- Use exceptions instead of error codes
? Use your own exceptions

Small functions advantages (function 5-10 lines, class 10-50-100 lines):
? Easy to understand
- Easy to debug
? Easy to reuse
? Easy to test
- Easy to keep bug free
- Avoid code repetition
? Beautify code
- Separate concepts into their levels of abstraction
- Easy to maintain - emerging property

SRP = Single Responsibility Principle
Function and class should only do one thing (should have only one reason to change)
- same as Small functions concept.

SOLID is group of 5 programming principles created by Robert C. Martin (uncle Bob) :
- S ingle?responsibility
- O pen?closed
? L iskov substitution
? I nterface segregation
- D ependency inversion

class Broker?deInput {
  public string sinstrument;
  public int SnumberOfUnits;
  public BigDecimal $stopLoss
  public string stradeType;


Some comments are ok

- When you can?t express yourself with code:
//Extract the text between the two title elements
$pattern = "(?i)(<tit1e.*?>)(.+?)()";

- When you want to warn people

class Constants {

Signs that inheritance is plotting against you :
~ You want to inherit more than one class (greedy)
- You feel like you inherit too much
- The abstract world shatters (Dog becomes FoodEeater, BallChaser, MansBestFriend)

Symptoms of bad code :
1. Rigidity - Code is hard to change. Business is scared to ask for things because everything takes so long.
2. Fragility - When you touch code in one place it breaks in another. Business is afraid to ask for things because the projects breaks everytime you change it.
3. Immobility - You can?t reuse your methods and classes - changes take long time.
4. Viscosity - It?s hard to do anything because of de design / framework / development environment
I tests run time / deploy time - changes take long time.

What is state in programming and why is it important :
State is prone to bugs.
Keep mutable objects small.

Clean Code Project
- Use TDD
- Always think if your code is easy to understand
- Write small functions and classes
- Respect SRP
- Don?t cross different levels of abstraction
- Give proper names and use the scope rule
? Less than three parameters
- Don?t use boolean or null arguments
? Beautify predicates when appropriate
? Stay away from comments and express yourself in code
? Use only custom runtime exceptions
- Treat objects properly keeping in mind if they are OOP Objects or Data Structure objects.
- Use Composition over Inheritance
- Be on the watch for symptoms of bad code
- Treat state carefully
- Keep your coupling low and your cohesion high
? Try to use command and query separation, tell don?t ask and even the law of Demeter
? Don?t use complex patterns and don?t over-engineer
From the 1990s onwards, Martin (1933-2013) lived on his own private island, Agar's Island, in Bermuda. In 2004 Martin donated 60m to help establish The Oxford Martin School.
1976. Principles of Data-Base Management
1985. Diagramming techniques for analysts and programmers. With Carma McClure.
1992. Object-oriented analysis and design.

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