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A simple class to access MySQL Databases
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The db_mysql is based in a superclass (db_layout) which will be the base for other database implementations.

The properties of db_MySql are:

$db_result: Internal. It holds the result of a query
$db_affected_rows: It holds how many records (row) were affected by the last query

$saved_results: Internal. An array with the results Used by PushResults and PopReslts (see below)
$results_saved: Internal. An index pointer.

The Methods:

error(string [where],string error,string errno) : This is an internal function. It halts the script execution upon error
error_msg(): Returns the last MySql error.

PushResults(): Saves the last operation result in the internal stack. Used to keep track of the operations in a single instance of the class.

PopResults(): Retrieves de las result in the stack.
db_mysql(string host, string user, string passwd, string db, string [create]): The class Constructor. The create parameter is a flag that indicates if the class should attempt to create the database if it doesn't exists.

reselect_db(string db): Internal. Used tu rebuild the internal database handler to the specified database.
closeDB(): Closes the database.

create_table(string tblName,mixed tblStruct) Tries to create the table. tblStruct can be a string or an array,. The format of the array if plain. No keys are precessed and each element should represent a mysql field definition.
drop_table(string tblName): Drops a table.

raw_query(string sql_stat): This is a function that allows a raw query. Useful to perform a migration from old applications that doesn't use a class.

count_records(string table,string [filter]): returns how many records meets the condition specified in filter
select(string fields,string tables,string [where], string [order_by], string [group_by],string [having], string [limit]): Allows to select records. 
list_tables(): returns the tables in the database

tablename(resource tables, int tbl) Retrieves the name of table tbl

insert_id(): the autoincrement value of the last insert. 

insert(string table,mixed [fields], mixed [values]): Inserts a record in the table. the parameters fields and values can be comma delimited strings or arrays

update(string table,string newvals,string [where]): Updates a table

delete(string table,string [where]): deletes records
free(): dispose the last mysql result.

fetch_row(): returns an array with keys [0]...[n] with each field in the resultset

result(int recno,string field): returns the content of the field in record recno

num_fields(): returns how many fields are in the resultset

fetch_array(): returns an array in the format [fname]=value

fetch_field(): returns the next field 


This class was intended to encapsulate the mysql_* functions. 
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.