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a different approach to ORM
2009-05-23 18:25 0
Doctrine - a nice and free os PHP ORM
2008-12-17 20:07 0
Rather informative
Rather informative
2008-11-09 19:11 0
Refining ORM further
Many limitations can be overcome and additional benefits added
2008-10-29 20:23 2
thanks for article on ORM!
your ORM summary helps me understand SQL type databases -finally
2008-10-15 22:15 3
Listing Records
Listing records using ORM uses a lot of resources
2008-10-10 06:40 1
MetaModeling Approach
Object Models by using a metamodeling approach?
2008-10-10 06:26 1
PHP Object-Relational Mapping
Confusing persistence layer with Object Relational Mapping?
2008-10-10 01:05 1
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