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Subject:PHP Hotel Booking
Summary:Make bookings
Author:Tookah Thepes
Date:2021-11-17 19:24:02

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Picture of Tookah Thepes Tookah Thepes - 2021-11-17 19:24:02

I have been working on a system which allows a user to not only find available accommodation but to actually book that accommodation. It is far from complete and I would welcome some help on getting this into a pre-production environment.

If you are interested I can discuss further with you. incidentally I must just metion I tend to avoid, as far as possible, the use of javascript.
R Jim

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Picture of Antonio Antonio - 2021-11-28 07:44:15 - In reply to message 1 from Tookah Thepes
Hi, Im interested but, at the moment, I have not enough time.
So, I follow you.
Best regards

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