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Why PHP 5?

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Subject:Why PHP 5?
Summary:Discuss about php4 and php5
Author:Cesar D. Rodas
Date:2007-07-16 20:32:19

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Picture of Cesar D. Rodas Cesar D. Rodas - 2007-07-16 20:32:19
This class is wonderful, very useful, at least for those who live in USA. I was watching the source of this class and that is in PHP 5... why? That could be done with php4.

I recommend to implement it in php4 too, there is many users that only uses php 4 and who are not planning to use php5 in a near future for several reasons. With a few of changes it will work for php4 and php5 changing the privates and public functions for just functions.

And about the use cUrl, I like it, very good but not all the clients have this I recommend to take a look here in this class:


This class do exactly what cUrl do but this is entirely write in php.

Congratulations for this NOTABLE PACKAGE.

Keep writing good programs and sharing the source.

Cesar D. Rodas

Cesar D. Rodas
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