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Subject:error message
Summary:demo page
Author:Joan Grinde
Date:2009-11-09 15:40:45
Update:2009-11-14 14:45:18

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Picture of Joan Grinde Joan Grinde - 2009-11-09 15:40:45
i'm try your package and the demo page retourn this error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in /home/septiman/public_html/nested/tests/1/NestedSetDbTable/DbAdapter/Default.php on line 181

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Picture of Nikola Posa Nikola Posa - 2009-11-14 14:45:18 - In reply to message 1 from Joan Grinde

I hope that you've checked example class on this path: NestedSetDbTable/tests/1/DbTable/NestedCategory.php. That is the example of how NestedSetDbTable class should be used. You should extend it and use it as a model (in words of MVC) in your project. Note that table name ($_name) is set to "nested_category". That's just for that example, so you should create table with that name in your database, or rename that property to something else. Also note names that were assigned to other class members: $_primary, $_lft, $_rgt, as they must also correspond to names of columns of your table.