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Subject:upload directory.
Summary:I can not upload files to folder 'upl_img'
Author:António Lourenço
Date:2014-02-19 19:38:31

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Picture of António Lourenço António Lourenço - 2014-02-19 19:38:31
I'm new to php and I'm trying to implement this class in my code but I can not. I want uploads files to be made ​​for "upl_img" folder.
Even using the default password, I can not do the uploads.
The code:
$config = array(
'form_key' => 'file' // the name of input file form
,'upload_dir' => session_save_path('upl_img') // path to save the file in , default "php tmp"
,'allowed_ext' => array('png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif') // allowed extensions
,'excluded_ext' => array('htaccess', 'php', 'pl', 'py') // disallowed extensions
,'max_filesize' => 5000 // max file size default "5 mb"
,'override' => false // override existing ?

$u = new MA_Uploader($config);
if($u == true) echo 'done';
else var_dump($u->result());
My email is

Thank you