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Subject:large XML responses
Summary:support for streaming of responses?
Author:J R
Date:2016-04-05 03:23:49

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Picture of J R J R - 2016-04-05 03:23:49

Thank you for sharing this excellent class.
Tell me, does it handle response processing by loading the entire response into memory and then working with it?
Or can it stream the response as it comes in and let us do something with each node?

I ask because we have a situation that your class would be ideal for, but the XML responses can become extremely large... potentially too large for PHP to hold in memory. If we could run some code for each element of a particular sub-node of the output (similar to this streamer class: then it would serve our needs perfectly.

Please advise



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Picture of Unay Santisteban Unay Santisteban - 2016-04-06 07:07:49 - In reply to message 1 from J R
Hi J.

I fear that for now this class load the entire response in memory and then processes it, if you are interested I could implement the feature you say.

Kind regards


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