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Name: Mikhail is available for providing paid consulting. Contact Mikhail . Mikhail Google profile
Classes: 3
Country: United States United States
Age: 33
All time rank: 2271314 in United States United States
Week rank: 368 Up43 in United States United States Up
All time users: 1072
Week users: 0
Innovation award
Innovation award
Nominee: 2x

Winner: 1x
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  Files folder image jobSeeker  
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
November 2012

Prize: One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
Search for jobs in different job sites
Not enough user ratings

  Files folder image SVG math functions graphics  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
October 2012
Number 2

Prize: One copy of the Zend Studio
Render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart
RatingsUtility Consistency Documentation Examples Tests Videos Overall Rank
All time: 100% 100% - 83% - - 68% 424
Month: Not yet rated by the users

  Files folder image Tweets from User Puller  
Retrieve the latest tweets of an user or hash tag
Not yet rated by the users

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