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Name: Gunther González <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Venezuela Venezuela
Age: 41
All time rank: 422418 in Venezuela Venezuela
Week rank: 200 Up2 in Venezuela Venezuela Up
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Validate identifier of entities in Venezuela
This class can be used to validate identifier numbers of companies, individuals, government institutions and passports based in Venezuela.

It connects to a Venezuela government site to check whether a given identifier number is valid.

The class returns a message indicating what kind of identifier number it corresponds when it is valid.

The code, messages and examples are in Spanish.

In Spanish:
Esta clase permite la verificación y validación del RIF (Registro de información fiscal) en Venezuela. Permite saber si un Número de RIF existe y si está asignado a una empresa en particular.
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All time: 66% 58% - 66% - - 45% 3280
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