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Name: Anis Halayem <contact>
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Country: Tunisia Tunisia
Age: 41
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Innovation award
Innovation award
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
August 2015
Number 9

Prize: One year server license IP to country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, area code database
Exchange variable values between PHP servers
This package can be used to exchange variable values between PHP servers.

The server part listens to network socket connections on a given IP address and port to accept requests sent by the clients.

The clients can connect to the server and send several types of requests to manipulate variable values. Currently it can send requests to:

- Reserve a variable and returns his value
- Unreserve a variable and update it with a new value
- Delete a previously stored variable
- Unreserve a variable without changing its value
- Retrieve the value of the variable

The client can attempt to reserve a variable after a while if it is already reserved by another client. The limit number of attempts and the delay between attempts is configurable.

The limit of the length of a stored serialized variable is configurable.

The server uses the Judy Array extension to optimize the storage of variables for performance and size.
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